Analyzing Taylor Swift’s Songs with Python

Analyzing Taylor Swift’s Songs¶ To celebrate Taylor’s new album which has 10 of the top 10 Billboard charts (first time to ever happen), let’s explore Taylor’s discography with the Spotify API. Get credentials from Spotify API¶ Go to your Spotify Dashboard at and create a new application, then grab the Client ID and Client […]

Self Supervised Learning

Deep Learning without labels – Self-Supervised Learning¶ In this blog post we’ll discuss Self-Supervised Learning! Classical supervised learning suffers from four main problems: Fully labelled datasets are expensive or not available at all. There is a large amount of unlabeled datasets which cannot be leveraged by Supervised Learning. Difficuly in creating One-Shot or Few-Shot systems, […]

Analyzing Senate Stock Trades

Analyzing Stock Market Activity of US Senators with Python¶ In 2012, a law called ” Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012″ was passed, which prohibits the use of non-public information for private profit, including insider trading by members of Congress and other government employees. This law however did not completely ban stock, […]

Visualizing Prediction Markets with Kalshi and Python

Visualizing Prediction Markets with Python and Kalshi¶ In this blog post we’ll explore Prediction Markets using Kalshi. What is Kalshi?¶ Kalshi is a predictions market, regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) where you can buy event contracts based on future outcomes for certain events, such as the number of COVID cases in the […]

Visualizing Historical Yield Curves with Plotly and Python

Yield Curves with Plotly

In this blog post we’ll explore visualizing the Yield Curve through a cool 3D Surface Plot, since we’ll be exploring 3 dimensions of data: the rate yields, the publication date, and the rate periods. Grabbing Yield Curve for 2022¶ We can use the pandas library to directly read the HTML table from the treasury website: […]

How to perform web scraping with Python!

web scraping with python

Guide to Web Scraping with Python¶ In this blog post we’ll get you started with web scraping and Python. Before we begin, here are some important rules to follow and understand: Always be respectful and try to get premission to scrape, do not bombard a website with scraping requests, otherwise your IP address may be […]

Using Deep Learning and Tensorflow to generate new song lyrics in the style of Weezer

Using Deep Learning and Tensorflow to generate new song lyrics in the style of Weezer

Welcome to this blog post on Natural Language Processing, specifically generating new text! In this blog post we’ll explore how to gather a bunch of Weezer lyrics and train a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to generate new lyrics character by character. Let’s dive in! Gathering the Data¶ Let’s leverage an existing an API to gather […]