Why Choose Pierian Training

A Dedicated Partner

At  Pierian  Training,  our mission is to empower individuals and employees with the latest technology skills needed to succeed in the modern workforce. Our courses focus on teaching the most sought-after technical skills by applying real-world situations and datasets during our training sessions. 

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Customer Focus

We guarantee customer satisfaction through continuous improvement  &  feedback incorporation in the development of our training programs. Our course materials allow our students to walk away from their training with confidence that they can be successful in their careers. 

Cutting Edge Technology

At Pierian Training, we focus on the latest technologies driving change in the modern workforce. Through student surveys and monitoring of the technology landscape, we make sure our students are learning the skills needed to be successful in their careers. 

Best-in-Class Content & Instruction

World Class Instructors

Expert Coaches

Our world class instructors hold an array of degrees, and certifications, and are required to complete our rigorous vetting and onboarding process to be eligible to teach our courses.

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Live Connections

Every single Pierian Training’s offering includes the opportunity to have a live conversation with one of our instructors. Whether in class, during office hours, or through tutoring sessions, ALL your questions will get answered.

Not from a Textbook

Real World Examples

While we ensure that our students have the necessary conceptual context in each of our training courses, we pride ourselves on applying our material to real-world situations and datasets across a variety of industries.

Supplemental materials included

Reference Videos

Whether attending an instructor-led training course or accessing our self-paced training membership, the caliber of our video content serves as a referenceable resource well after students initially complete their training.