Flask Development with Python

Take our Flask Web Development course today! Learn how to create and deploy powerful web applications with the Flask framework for Python.

Course length

127 Lectures

18 Hours

Student rating

5.00 Out Of 43 Students

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What You’ll Learn

  • Learn basic HTML to create templates
  • Learn basic CSS to style your webpages
  • Understand Python, including Functions, Decorators, and Object Oriented Programming
  • Use Flask to create basic landing pages
  • Use WTForms to accept user inputs from a Flask Application
  • Use Flask and SQLAlchemy as an ORM for a SQL database
  • Use blueprints to structure larger Flask Applications
  • Create a fully functioning Social Network Site with Flask
  • Enable User Authentication and Authorization with Flask
  • Understand OAuth with Flask Applications
  • Create simple REST APIs with Flask
  • Accept Payments with Stripe and Flask

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Course Content

This course will be your complete definitive guide for developing fully functional websites with the Flask web framework. We’ll start with crash courses in the basic front end technologies for HTML, CSS, and Boostrap 4 before diving into Python and Flask. You’ll create basic landing pages with Flask and Python, then show you how to connect templates to Flask do you can connect your Flask Application to HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap based templates. We’ll also cover how to use the Jinja template engine to directly connect your flask application to your front end files to customize your websites. Then we’ll learn how to create forms to accept user information, how to save that information to a SQL database, and relay it back to the user.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Flask
    • Basics
    • Templates
    • Forms
  • Use Blueprints to structure large applications
  • SQL with SQLAlchemy
  • User Authentication with OAuth and Flask
  • OAuth
  • Deployment
  • Accepting Payments


Intermediate Python developers who want to learn how to use Flask as a Python based backend for a web application.


Course Description

This Flask training course is designed for developers familiar with the basics of Python who want to learn how to create functional websites with the microframework Flask. Flask provides core functionality for fast and simple website creation while ensuring to be as small and efficient as possible. “Flask can be everything you need and nothing you don’t.” To deliver on this promise, it focuses on keeping its core as simple as possible and instead allowing for easy implementation of desired extensions. Multiple global players, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Uber and Samsung use Flask in their technology stack!

What Students Are Saying

This is an amazing learning experience. As someone who works with web and application developers, its great to understand how things work from the inside. The lessons are spot-on and cover things quickly and precisely. No fluff. I love that this course is covering all the things that I know developers work with everyday. This is the course I've been wanting for a long time!

Cyndy Armstrong

He provides a lot of detail on each subject, and the details fill in the holes in my knowledge left by other instructors

Landon Yarrington

The best thing about this course is each important section is started from scratch then build upon. Which is generally very rare that is what makes jose the best teacher.

Siddharth Kshirsagar

The course is well designed keeping in mind all the things you might need to know for getting web applications up and running with Flask. The course caters to all levels of coding experience.

Radhika Patel

Learned a lot from this course and the instructor was very good and easy to listen to.

Nathan Tanthavong

The best explanation of python decorators, now I understand and remember!!!

Kannan Rathinam

This instructor does a wonderful job of covering the basics

Gregg Flora

Very in depth and learned a lot in a short amount of time. Great instructor

Eric Stepowski

So far, it is great! The videos are very informative and explain in a very clear way.

Aidan Buchanan

I definitely learned a lot of useful skills from this. Videos are very informative with plenty of examples to help you get an understanding.

Brendon Scipion
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