Data Literacy for Business

Don't let your organization get stuck in the past, learn how data literacy can accelerate your business!

What is Data Literacy?

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate data as information. Much like literacy as a general concept, data literacy focuses on the competencies involved in working with data. At Pierian Training, we are the professional training partners of choice if your goal is to empower your employees with the latest technology skills. We believe technology is a powerful tool that your workforce can leverage to become more productive and achieve results in the face of modern challenges. This Data Literacy training is designed to give you a high level overview of the key topics in Data Science and Machine Learning. Designed exclusively for students who want to learn about the basics of data science and machine learning at a high level, without needing to learn how to code or cover complex mathematics. 

What is covered in this training course?

In this course you’ll learn the fundamental concepts relating to data, allowing you to understand what makes data suitable for data analysis, visualization and machine learning. Then we’ll give you a quick overview of important statistical topics, such as mean, standard deviation, and the normal distribution. Afterwards you will learn the different ways data scientists are able to visualize data to convey their ideas in a clear manner. We’ll also teach you about the machine learning process, acquiring data, cleaning data, and an overview of the train/test split philosophy that supervised learning adheres to. Then we’ll show you some examples of regression and classification algorithms, as well as how to evaluate their results. We’ll also explore what the future holds by taking a peek at the bleeding edge of AI and ML, including DALLE-2 and GPT-3!

Level Up Your Data Knowledge
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Data Literacy Curriculum

  • Data and Opportunities
    • Data Quality
  • Understanding Big Data
    • Data Measurements
    •  Understanding Central Tendency
    •  Understanding Dispersion
  •  Understanding Data Analysis
    •  Tour of Data Visualizations
    •  Probability and Uncertainty
    •  Testing theories and hypotheses
  • Probability and Statistics Overview 
  • Machine Learning Overview
    • Understanding Machine Learning Concepts
    • Supervised Learning Overview
    • Unsupervised Learning Overview
    • Dimensionality Reduction Overview
  • The Future of Data, ML, and AI
    • Overview of Deep Learning Concepts
    • What’s next for AI and ML
Learn Data Science

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Data Literacy for Business

Empower your employees with our training specifically designed to help business leader sunderstand the current data landscape!

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Our world class instructors hold an array of advanced degrees and certifications in their areas of specialty with real-world technical project experience across a broad range of industries.

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Each organization is different, so your training solution should be too. 

At Pierian Training we listen carefully to your organization’s current challenges and desired outcomes to customize your cohort-based training for your employees’ needs to make it more immediately actionable.

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We continue to provide access to students after the mentoring sessions are completed. Cohort members can continue to level up their skills through review of our on-demand videos and supplemental materials.

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Create a training program for your organization with self-paced and instructor-led training to provide flexibility to your employees.

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