Time Series Forecaster

Skills Learned
Python Setup and Basics, Pandas, Numpy , Statsmodels and Prophet for Time Series Forecasting and Analysis!
Intermediate, Introductory
Salary Range
$85,000 - $105,000
Career Path Includes
  • Introduction to Python
  • Time Series Forecasting with Python
  • Learn Git and GitHub

Time Series Forecaster

Time series analysis and forecasting skills are in high-demand by organizations as this type of analysis can be applied to a wide variety of use cases. With daily time-stamped data collection reaching record highs, time series analysis and forecasting has become a critical aspect of supply chain management, fraud detection, inventory tracking, and many other fields.

This career pathway gives you all the tools to use Python for forecasting and time series data to predict future data points and analyze past time series, giving you a solid grasp on pure time series analysis as well as general forecasting methods. You’ll explore Python standard libraries such as statsmodels and state of the art forecasting libraries such as Facebook’s Prophet Python library. Consider solidifying your understanding of Python through an instructor-led training course before tackling the more specialized time series forecasting skills through our on-demand training subscription.

46 hours

3 courses

Career Pathway

  • Introduction to Python

    Our Introduction to Python course is designed to take complete beginners or experienced developers up to speed on Python’s capabilities, setting up students for success in using Python for their specific field of expertise.

Career Pathway Complete