Flask Developer

Skills Learned
Python Setup and Basics, HTML , CSS , Bootstrap and Flask!
Intermediate, Introductory
Salary Range
$105,000 - $125,000
Career Path Includes
  • Introduction to Python
  • Flask Development with Python
  • Learn Git and GitHub

Flask Developer

Python and Flask Web Developers are responsible for using the Flask Framework to create web applications for end-users. Flask is a great, lightweight web framework that provides endless possibilities to add new functionality through extensions.

This career path will help you develop a true understanding of the ins and outs of creating amazing websites with the latest technologies in Python and Flask! This career pathway will teach you how to create web applications using the complete Full-Stack , including front end technologies like HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Consider solidifying your understanding of Python through an instructor-led training course before tackling the more specialized flask development skills through our on-demand training subscription.

46 hours

3 courses

Career Pathway

  • Introduction to Python

    Our Introduction to Python course is designed to take complete beginners or experienced developers up to speed on Python’s capabilities, setting up students for success in using Python for their specific field of expertise.

  • Flask Development with Python

    Take our Flask Web Development course today! Learn how to create and deploy powerful web applications with the Flask framework for Python.

Career Pathway Complete