Data Analyst

Skills Learned
Python Setup and Basics, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn and more!
Intermediate, Introductory
Salary Range
$75,000 - $95,000
Career Path Includes
  • Introduction to Python
  • Python for Data Science

Data AnalystHigh Demand Careers right now which means quicker career placement and higher compensation!

Data analysts play a critical role in collecting, cleansing, and conducting statistical analysis in order to identify actionable insights. Data Analyst is a High-Demand role in today’s economy.

This career path helps data analysts establish their skills by learning how to identify trends, make predictions about the future, and visualize their results in digestible formats. Python is an outstanding tool for data analysts to accelerate their contributions to an organization, making it an ideal early career path for individuals looking to build a career in data science. This is a popular career path and is also fully available for live, instructor-led training if you are committed to building your career as a Data Analyst.

44 hours

2 courses

Career Pathway

Career Pathway Complete