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At Pierian Training, we are the professional training partners of choice if your goal is to empower your employees with the latest technology skills. We believe technology is a powerful tool that your workforce can leverage to become more productive and achieve results in the face of modern challenges.

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What is Cohort Based Learning?

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning process in which a group of colleagues advance through a scheduled training pathway together. This is a proven approach that motivates employees and encourages team building while supporting professional development. 

How Do Cohorts Work?

Students are grouped together in a cohort, typically sized between 5-15 students, and enroll in a training pathway based their desired new skills. The entire cohort is then paired with an expert coach who conducts mentoring session video calls with the cohort on a scheduled basis to ensure learning comprehension specific to the organization’s use cases and needs.

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Empower your employees with the latest technology skills through instructor-led, on-demand, or hybrid training approaches to support professional development at your organization.

Our Cohort Training Process

Create the Cohorts

Select the group of colleagues that will be in the same cohort for the training process. For larger groups or specialized departments, we create multiple cohorts.

Select the Pathway

We’ve designed distinct pathways to guide cohorts in various technical topics, such as web development, data science, machine learning,  and more.

Receive Coach Assignment

We match each cohort to an expert in their pathway field. This coach will act as the cohort’s mentor for the scheduled training period.

Conduct Trainings

The cohort members can attend instructor-led training classes or complete self-paced video course content asynchronously at their own pace. Students will be supported through office hours, Q&A forums, and colleague collaboration.

Conduct Coach Mentoring Sessions

At regular, pre-determined intervals, the entire cohort meets with their dedicated pathway coach. The coach answers questions, gives project guidance, and connects the training material to creating solutions for real-world challenges in the cohort’s enterprise.

Our Cohort Training Process​

Best in Class Content

Expert Coaches

Our coaches must pass our rigorous vetting and onboarding  process.

Our world class instructors hold an array of advanced degrees and certifications in their areas of specialty with real-world technical project experience across a broad range of industries.

Tailored For Your Needs

Each organization is different, so your training solution should be too. 

At Pierian Training we listen carefully to your organization’s current challenges and desired outcomes to customize your cohort-based training for your employees’ needs to make it more immediately actionable.

Continued Access

The learning doesn’t stop when your coaching sessions end!

We continue to provide access to students after the mentoring sessions are completed. Cohort members can continue to level up their skills through review of our on-demand videos and supplemental materials.

Choose A Training Approach

Self-Paced Video Courses

Allow your employees to train on their own schedules through asynchronous on-demand video training content with workbooks and exercises.

Instructor-Led Courses

Host private instructor-led training courses for your employees to ensure follow-through on learning objectives.

Hybrid Approach

Create a training program for your organization with self-paced and instructor-led training to provide flexibility to your employees.

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