What should I do to become a data scientist?

“Almost every day, a student will ask me some form of that question. In this guide, I will help answer this question and point you to additional resources that can help guide you in the right direction.”

Jose Portilla

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There are core mathematical foundations of which you will need a basic understanding.

The data science community has adopted specific programming languages as well as development environments.

Build out your network and connect with other data scientists. Some ways to do this include…

Update your resume and prepare yourself for an interview by reviewing specific topics.

What is the next step? How do you continue to grow and make yourself more valuable?

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Become a…

Python Data Scientist

Analyze data, visualize your findings, and even create predictions using machine learning algorithms with real-world examples and exercises. Build your career as a cutting-edge Python Data Scientist!

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R Data Scientist

Create amazing data visualizations with ggplot2, and how to use Machine Learning with R! Become an expert in R at your own pace through our on-demand subscription to our entire data science training catalog.

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